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E·Land Fashion China Holdings, Ltd owns 100% of E·Land International Fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, together known as "E·Land Fashion China". E·Land Fashion China is the second largest company in the China women’s apparel sector by market share. We are part of the E·Land Group, whose business was founded on the success of its fashion brands nearly 30 years ago.

E·Land Fashion China commenced operations in China in 1994 and established our first brand in Shanghai in 1997. Today, we manage a portfolio of nine brands: E·LAND, SCOFIELD, TEENIE WEENIE, ROEM, PRICH, SCAT, BELFE, GEROLAMO, and ENC. Our brands span the range from classic through to modish designs, enabling us to reach all consumers in our up-market target, regardless of their needs.

E·Land Fashion China's advanced design, production and distribution capabilities ensure that we reach consumers with the timely delivery of the very latest fashions. Everything we do is for our customers.

We operate an extensive network of more than 2,400 stores across China. Our stores are located in around 708 leading department stores in 182 cities, including major cities and those with fast-growing populations. We strategically select store locations to attract the highest customer traffic possible.

E·Land Fashion China is perfectly positioned in the largest and fastest growing segment of the China apparel market. Our women's apparel business is the second largest in China, while China is now the second largest apparel market in the world – and growing rapidly. Our focus is to continue to build on our current success to support and accelerate the growth of our business into the future.



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